Our Mission:  Through our exceptional health care services, we reveal the healing presence of God.
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Baldrige Award
Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award
We were honored to receive the 2002 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (now called the Malcolm Baldrige Award) because it gave us a boost in our effort to fulfill our mission. What does the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award process have to do with the SSM Health Care mission? In a word: everything.

With great pride, SSM Health Care introduced its mission in 1999: “Through our exceptional health care services, we reveal the healing presence of God.”

SSM executives touted the new mission to the Baldrige examiners during their site visit that year. But when SSM got its Baldrige feedback, the execs were in for a surprise. The examiners wanted to know three things:

  1. What did SSM mean by “exceptional”?
  2. If “exceptional” was not defined, how could it be measured?
  3. Why was SSM content to compare itself against the average?

It was an “aha” moment. SSM quickly defined exceptional in terms of patient, employee and physician satisfaction; clinical outcomes; and financial performance.  The system then set goals around each, based on the highest performing organizations inside and outside of health care.  When eligible, SSM continues to apply for the Baldrige and other awards because the feedback from the awards process is invaluable in our pursuit of delivering exceptional patient care.

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