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Sleep Center Debuts at SSM St. Joseph Hospital West

Dr. Howard Gardner on SSM Center for Sleep Disorders at SSM St. Joseph Hospital West (Running time 3:16)

LAKE SAINT LOUIS, Mo. - Residents of western St. Charles, Lincoln and Warren Counties are now closer to getting a diagnosis for their sleeping problems, and getting back to the rest they’ve been dreaming about. The SSM Center for Sleep Disorders opened Nov. 4 in the H.W. Koenig Medical Building at SSM St. Joseph Hospital West.

To learn more about all six of the SSM Centers for Sleep Disorders locations in the St. Louis metro area, or to take a self-assessment online, please visit www.ssmhealth.com/sleep.

Under the direction of Dr. Howard Goldberg, the SSM Center for Sleep Disorders at St. Joseph Hospital West will help people find out if they have obstructive sleep apnea, or another common sleep condition such as restless legs syndrome. Patients with more complex disorders such as narcolepsy, abnormal motor behaviors during sleep, or nocturnal seizures can also be evaluated.

According to Dr. Goldberg, everyone suffers through an occasional sleepless night for a variety of reasons.

“There are dozens of possibilities,” he said. “But if you fall asleep while driving, eating or talking, chances are you have a sleep disorder. That’s when you need to talk with your doctor about getting a sleep study.”

Sleep studies at the center will be conducted nightly in four comfortable, hotel-like bedrooms with private bathrooms and showers. The lab is accessible to disabled and bariatric patients.While sleep studies require a physician’s referral, people are welcome to call the lab directly for more information, at (636) 755-3060.


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